Eagle Management Services
Eagle Management Services 800 600 GDG

Eagle Management Services provides a multitude of PRO services solutions to its clients, both for companies and individuals seeking support, to manage procedures and formalities in connection with the UAE Government. The company caters for a variety of needs including the provision of management services such as assistance with establishing a business, license administration with…

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Global Petroleum Training and Consultancy (GPTC)
Global Petroleum Training and Consultancy (GPTC) 800 600 GDG

Global Petroleum Training & Consultancy (GPTC) is a growth product of Global Petroleum Business & Trading (GPT) that was founded in 1997. As part of GPT, with its long-established track record of expertise in the region’s oil and gas industry and being key drivers of its workforce, we fully comprehend the industry’s ever-present demand for…

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